Council pledges to rebuild district’s woodland by planting one tree for every…

With climate change causing nature and biodiversity across the world to decline at an alarming rate, South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) has pledged to support the planting of 92,515 trees.

Published: Monday, 30th November 2020

Teaming up with the Woodland Trust and Lloyds Bank, SNC wants to support local landowners to plant more trees and improve the district’s biodiversity.

SNC has been running the Climate Change Challenge since April 2020 and is making this pledge as part of its ‘Grow Your Future’ campaign – the focus for the challenge this month.

Cllr Dermot Bambridge, SNC’s portfolio holder for environmental services, said: "The loss of nature and biodiversity contributes to climate change and reduces our capacity to adapt to its impacts.

“These include flooding, drought and wildfires, an increase in pests and diseases, higher temperatures and crop failures.

“With South Northamptonshire being such a beautiful rural district, it might be hard to imagine that forestry and woodland currently only accounts for 8.4% of total land use in the district. When we compare this to the total across the whole of the UK, 13%, it is clear there is a lot more we could do.

“That is why we are taking steps to help, by partnering with the Woodland Trust and Lloyds Bank to support the planting of 92,515 trees; one tree for every resident in our district.”

Through the Woodland Trust’s MOREwoods scheme, SNC will provide up to 15% of planting costs and Lloyds Bank will provide up to 75% as part of their pledge to plant millions of trees across the UK. This leaves just 10% of costs to be provided by the landowner.

This scheme is available to landowners with at least 1.25 acres of land available for tree planting. The Woodland Trust will also provide expert advice and assistance to help plan and design each project.

Emma Briggs, Senior Project Lead, Woodland Trust, added: “We are delighted to be teaming up with South Northamptonshire Council to support even more landowners to plant trees.

“Getting trees in the ground has never been more important and the funding, support, and expertise provided through MOREwoods makes it easy to unlock the benefits that trees can provide - for business, wildlife and future generations.”

Cllr Bambridge went on to say: “However, if you don’t own a large area of land, there are other things residents can do to help protect and enhance the district’s nature and biodiversity.

“For example, if you are involved with a local school, parish council or community group, you may be eligible for one of the Woodland Trust’s free tree packs, which contain various species and between 15 to 420 trees depending on your needs.

 “Tree planting is not the only way you can help. Private gardens account for 2.7% of land use in the district, so if you have a garden at home you can make a big difference by making a space for nature.

“Alternatively, you could volunteer some of your time to help take care of a park or green space near you.”

To apply to SNC’s scheme or to enquire about a free tree pack from see the Woodland Trust website.

Alternatively, potential applicants can email SNC at

To find out more about how to support the ‘Grow Your Future’ campaign as part of the Council’s Climate Change Challenge, please visit their dedicated webpage or follow SNC on social media.