Can you challenge yourself to Cut the Carbon?

With transport accounting for nearly 70% of the district’s greenhouse gas emissions, drivers are being asked to Cut the Carbon as part of SNC's Climate Change Challenge.

Published: Monday, 17th August 2020

Each month SNC’s campaign focuses on one theme regarding climate change, and this month drivers are being encouraged to think about their own individual car use and what they can do to reduce their transport emissions.

Cllr Dermot Bambridge, portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “The early days of lockdown saw road travel reduced enormously across the UK, with car usage well below 40% of normal levels on most days throughout April.

“As well as reduced greenhouse gas emissions, this also meant less noise, congestion and improved air quality.

“So as car travel currently is even as much as 90% of normal levels, we are challenging drivers to see if we can change our travel patterns, so we don’t see emissions from transport returning to previous levels.

“Due to the ongoing health crisis, public transport and car sharing are not recommended and keeping healthy and safe is obviously a priority. But that doesn’t mean other options aren’t available.

“One of the most positive things we have seen is the huge increase in the number of people choosing active travel options such as walking and cycling, and we’d like to encourage that to continue where possible.”

As part of the campaign, SNC will be launching a survey later this month asking residents to share their thoughts on swapping their petrol or diesel cars for an electric one.

For further information about transport and climate change and more tips on how to Cut the Carbon, please follow the council on Facebook and Twitter or visit