Lose the leaks and drop the drips for climate change

With South Northamptonshire producing an estimated 34,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions from water use each year, we look at encouraging households across the district to save water

Published: Friday, 12th June 2020

As part of South Northamptonshire Council’s year-long campaign to help tackle climate change, this month’s focus is to ‘Save Every Drop’ and show residents what they can do to help reduce emissions caused by water use.

Cllr Dermot Bambridge, portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “When it comes to taking action on climate change, water use is probably not the first thing that springs to minds. However, water is a very precious resource that we all need and yet it is something we often take for granted.

“The emissions generated from treating, storing and pumping water is about 38.2 kg CO2 per household per year. So, for the 38,000 households in South Northamptonshire, this equals 1,451 tonnes of CO2 per year. In addition to this, the average household generates 875 kg CO2 each year from the energy they use to heat water, which equals 33,250 tonnes CO2 for all households in the district.

“As the climate changes, scientists also expect that we will experience longer and drier summers and wetter winters. As we rely on rain to fill our reservoirs, this might mean that we have too much water in winter and not enough in summer.

“So, this month, we are asking you to Save Every Drop - not only to reduce emissions, but also to protect our water resources. To make sure that in the future, we not only have enough water to keep our taps running at home, but also to make sure there is enough to water crops and to use in the manufacturing and production of pretty much everything else we use.”

South Northamptonshire Council’s Climate Change Challenge started in March and aims to help people understand their impact on the environment.

From fixing drips and leaks, to turning off the tap when brushing teeth, there are many small changes people can make that will help save water. For more tips and ideas, follow the council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts or visit the Climate Change Challenge webpage.

SNC is also interested in hearing from anyone who is already planning climate change projects. Please email climatechange@southnorthants.gov.uk for further details.