Street traders and home catering businesses reminded to register

Mobile and home run food businesses are being reminded they must register with their local council to ensure they are operating safely.

Published: Tuesday, 2nd June 2020

While it is thought Covid-19 is not spread via food, it is especially important, and a legal requirement, for food businesses to register so that they can be directed to official guidance on how to ensure their customers and staff are safe from both food poisoning and Covid-19.

Cllr Dermot Bambridge, South Northamptonshire Council’s (SNC) portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “It has been very pleasing to see the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals and small businesses in the district as they innovate or take the opportunity to start a business for the first time.

“But equally this council is responsible for making sure people are safe when queuing on the street for food from a mobile vendor and that when they order food prepared in someone’s home, it is done so with the same standards of hygiene you would expect from any commercial kitchen or restaurant that is preparing food for public consumption.”

Residents can check if a food business is trading legitimately via the Food Standards Agency website. Street vendors will be registered at the address where they store their mobile.

If they have a rating they are registered. If not, residents should inform the council via the contacts below.

Street Trading Consents are issued by the SNC Licensing Department and allow trading from both fixed locations or for businesses that are mobile such as ice cream or fish and chip vans or from an approved stall, van or barrow.

There are several criteria to meet to obtain a street trading consent, including identification of a safe and suitable location, suitable trading times, and using safe equipment and practices.

The licensing team will consult with other agencies before issuing Street Trading Consent and the process takes around 14 days.

Consents are usually issued for 12 months but shorter consents can be issued for businesses that operate seasonally.

For further information contact the SNC licensing team via or 01327 322278.

Anyone who runs a food business, from home or elsewhere, must register with the local authority 28 days before they start operating.

Registration is free and can easily be done using the online food premises registration form or by contacting the Health Protection Team via or 01327 322323.