Suspension of community funding paves way for simplified applications

To prepare for the coming unitary authority and to simplify the applications process, South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) is carrying out a review of its community funding.

Published: Friday, 15th November 2019

Over the last few years SNC has redistributed millions of pounds of tax-payers money and contributions from developers to community groups, village halls, parish councils and in some cases talented individuals.

Jane Carr, SNC’s executive director of operations, said: “This review is being driven by the need to closely align future community funding, in the council’s anticipated 17 months of remaining life, to existing and emerging corporate priorities.

“In the future, greater emphasis will be given to applications for robust and sustainable project ideas to reflect the changing landscape of our local communities.”

Whilst the policy and procedures are reviewed, submission of all new community funding applications are suspended for a period of time.

Applications that have already been submitted to the council will be considered at the next Community Funding Panel meeting on Monday,6 January 2020 and will be assessed against the current criteria.

Alongside the new policy, there will be a simplified application form, a “How to Apply” guide and the council will run funding workshops for local community and voluntary sector organisations.

These improvements are designed to help future applicants understand the new policy and how to make an application.