Food safety, everyone’s business

With the first ever World Food Safety Day set to take place on Friday, 7 June, SNC is highlighting the work of its food safety team in helping to remove food that has been recalled.

Published: Wednesday, 5th June 2019

Food recalls are rare but can occur if the allergen information on a label is inaccurate, or if there are concerns around food poisoning bacteria such as salmonella.

If there is a recall the SNC food safety team work with the food businesses and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to make sure the product is removed from the shelves.

Cllr Dermot Bambridge, SNC portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “One of the key ways we help ensure food is safe in South Northamptonshire is by making sure businesses recall food products that may be unsafe.

“World Food Safety Day is an opportunity to say that food safety is everyone’s business, whether you produce, process, sell or prepare food, then you have a role in keeping it safe.

“We would encourage everyone to sign up to the FSA’s food alerts service, to get immediate updates when product recalls and allergy alerts are published.”

Dr Colin Sullivan, chief operating officer at the FSA, said: “We are pleased to play our part in making sure people can trust their food, particularly through working with local authorities and food businesses when a recall is required.

“We issued 72 food recalls and 103 allergy alerts in 2018 and we make every effort to make sure we publish our alerts as soon as we can and with information that is both useful and clear. Our advice to people is always based on the best science and evidence available.”

Sign up to the food alerts and allergy alerts, so you can be the first to hear if there is a recall.