European elections today

Polling Stations are open until 10:00pm tonight for you to cast your vote in the European Parliamentary Election.

Published: Thursday, 23rd May 2019

When voting at a polling station, it is helpful for people to take their polling card with them, but if they don’t have it they can still vote. The only exception to this rule is anonymous electors, who must present their poll cards in order to vote.

The number of votes cast in the South Northamptonshire area will be verified on Friday. The votes will not be counted until the evening of Sunday 26 May when polling stations close in other European countries.

The number of votes for South Northamptonshire will be collated along with other district and borough results for the East Midlands region at Kettering, with a Declaration of Result expected shortly after 10:00pm.

For more information including full list of Parties standing in the East Midlands region and their manifestos can be found on the European Parliament website.