Council backs grass roots recycling group

A community Facebook group which aims to share tips on how to reduce waste or rule it out altogether has received the backing of South Northamptonshire Council (SNC).

Published: Thursday, 25th April 2019

The Low Waste Living (Daventry and Towcester Area) Facebook group was set up by Daventry resident and SNC Principal Planning Officer Clare Whitehead at the end of 2018 and already has nearly 900 members.

Jane Carr, SNC’s Executive Director for Operations, said: “We provide a universal kerbside collection in the district, which thanks to the willingness of residents is the 7th best in the country.

“What grass roots groups like this can achieve is to inspire others to do more. They can innovate quickly and test out new ideas.

“We’re recycling around 60 per cent of the household waste from South Northants but the evidence says that 80 per cent is possible. This group just might share an idea that will help some residents reach that milestone.”

Ms Whitehead said: “Every day in the news we hear about plastic pollution, water shortages and climate change.

“I think most people feel a little powerless to make a difference, but we have around five posts a day which show simple every day ways we can all reduce our personal impact on the planet.”

The Facebook group will be stepping out of the virtual and in to the real world on Sunday, 5 May when they host an Eco Fair at Daventry Football Club between 11am and 2:30pm.

The Fair will be part marketplace and part information exchange with stallholders showcasing their environmentally friendly or low waste products and offering services and demonstrations from local organisations and charities.