Residents asked to have their say on housing delivery

People struggling to find the right housing in South Northamptonshire are among those being urged to take part in a housing consultation which starts this month.

Published: Thursday, 18th April 2019

South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) is currently updating its Housing Strategy which will define what the Housing Service will deliver over the next three years.

Consultation on the draft strategy will take place between Thursday, 18 April and Wednesday, 15 May 2019.

Hard copies are also available from The Forum in Towcester, town halls, and libraries in the district.

Jane Carr, SNC’s Executive Director Operations, said: “Lower than average crime, lower than average unemployment, higher than average academic achievement and being in a strategic location for business means there is a great deal of pressure for new homes in South Northamptonshire.

“But if we want to retain those aspects of the district which make us so proud, we cannot forget the fundamentals.

“We need an approach to housing which is prepared to meet the needs of all types of households and lifestyles and is ready to adapt to a rapidly changing society. It is something the Council has responsibility for and we need your input to get it right.”

Three priorities identified in the draft strategy are: building homes that people need and can afford to live in; enabling people to live settled lives, ie: homes can be adapted for the changing needs of individuals and families, and developing strong partnerships to provide housing services that meets residents’ needs.

Specific goals include: addressing the fact that despite higher than average incomes homes in South Northamptonshire are less affordable than other areas, combating fuel poverty, and maximising the benefits of the coming unitary authority by establishing a joined up approach with partner agencies in health and social care.