A fine time to compost pines

People who are sprucing up their homes as the tinsel comes down are being reminded of the advantages of composting their real Christmas trees.

Published: Wednesday, 3rd January 2018

Residents can put their festive conifers out for collection via South Northamptonshire Council’s (SNC) green garden waste bin from the week commencing Monday, 8 January 2018.

If the trees do not fit into the green bin, they can be left next to it on collection day. The district’s Christmas trees will then be taken to a facility in Helmdon, where they will be turned into a nutrient rich compost over a 12-week period. It is then redistributed to local farmers to help improve their crops.

Cllr Dermot Bambridge, SNC’s portfolio holder for environmental services, said: “Lots of us will be resolving to do our bit for the environment in 2018, and composting our Christmas trees is an admirable way to make this happen.

“Anyone whose tree still has its roots can re-house it in the garden until next year, however trees which are already past their best can be given a new lease of life through our green bin service.

“Not only is it the most efficient way to dispose of Christmas trees and garden waste, the composting process also makes a great contribution to local farmers’ crops by boosting the nutrients available in in their fields. So while it may feel somewhat melancholy to be taking down our trees it’s great to think that they can be put to good use once they’ve reached the end of their useful lives.”

Residents are being asked to cut trees which are six foot high or over in half to make it safe to load them into the council’s recycling trucks.

They should ensure that all decorations are removed from the trees before putting them out for collection.