Where can I find planning advice?

Planning is a complex area and it's not always obvious where you need to go to receive the relevant advice. The links below should make things a little clearer.

Quick links

Planning portal

General planning matters

Building control

Conservation and heritage


External resources

  • Northamptonshire County Council (main enquiries) - 0300 126 1000
  • admin@lgsslaw.co.uk - For copies of Section 78 and Section 278 Agreements (fee applicable for copies)
  • section278@kierwsp.co.uk - Information on Section 287 agreements
  • highwayadoptions@kierwsp.co.uk - Information on Section 38 Agreements, APC Notices, Surety Bonds for the adoption of roads
  • Leicester Land Registry for information and copies of boundaries and land ownership - 0300 006 0411 (fee applicable for copies)
  • land.charges@southnorthants.gov.uk - South Northamptonshire Land Charges and Searches (fee applicable for copies)

Planning policies, guidelines and standards (ie, what we will assess an application against)

Interpretation of planning legislation and regulations