Local Plan Part 2

Submission Draft

Comments were invited on the Submission draft plan for six weeks from Thursday 4 October to noon (GMT) on Friday 16 November 2018. The responses are now available to view. You can search the representations by name, organisation or number using the light blue box.

The Proposed Submission Plan is based on up-to-date evidence and covers a broad range of local policies that will guide decisions on planning applications and development in the District up to 2029. The Proposed Submission Plan takes forward the emerging draft version consulted on in September 2017. The Plan is broadly similar to the emerging draft but has been further shaped with the help of public feedback given during that consultation. Previous stages of plan preparation are available to view.

To accompany the Proposed Submission Plan, a Sustainability Appraisal has also been produced to look at the economic, environmental, and social effects of the plan. This also includes the relevant Habitats Regulation Assessment.

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