COVID-19 and Housing

The Government and Shelter have produced guidance for housing issues such as eviction, rent arrears, and moving home which we encourage you to read.

Self-isolating in rented properties

It's important that anyone self-isolating follows the government's stay at home guidance to minimise the risk of infecting others.

Tenants in in houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) where individuals share amenities must be especially careful. Tenants must let the property manager and their fellow tenants know if they have symptoms, as all tenants in the HMO will need to self-isolate for 14 days. Landlords are not obliged to provide alternative accommodation for tenants if others in the property contract the virus. We recommend tenants in HMOs following the Government's guidance on cleaning in non-healthcare settings and guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection.

Work Safe / Safe Work

Are you having work done in your home?

The government and industry have written new guidelines for tradespeople that promote safe working in and around people’s homes. Their website includes a useful video and leaflet that can be downloaded and shared with those without internet access who need to allow access to tradespeople for repairs or maintenance. Their guidance includes:


  • Be sure your tradesperson, you, and anyone living with you are free from COVID-19 symptoms
  • Ask what PPE and disinfectant methods will be used by your tradesperson


  • Disinfect door handles at the beginning and end of every day tradespeople are working at your home
  • Keep to social distancing guidelines at all times
  • Pay electronically using online banking if possible


  • Let your tradesperson know immediately if you or anyone else in your home develops symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of the work being completed