We have now launched a new website for South Northamptonshire Council.

The new website will aim to deliver an improved customer experience:

  • Modern and mobile responsive
    Increasingly websites are being accessed via mobile phones and tablets.
    The existing website does not have the capability to adapt to different devices, making information difficult to read on smaller screens.
    The new website has been built to be mobile responsive, meaning it will automatically adjust to whichever device you are using to access the website.
  • New look and feel
    The general look and feel of the website needed changing.
    The new website will be clean, modern and clutter-free, enabling those accessing it to get the information they need as quickly as possible.
    The use of icons was developed to guide visitors around the website and make performing actions on such as paying your council tax or reporting a missed bin, easier and faster.
    The new design was based on feedback and ideas from the internal project team, design team, councillors, staff and members of the public.
  • Easier to read content
    As well as completely redesigning the website the content was also reviewed
    Plain English was used wherever possible, minimising the use of jargon and council terminology.
    Information was also checked for accuracy as well as consistency of style and tone.