Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan

Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

West Northamptonshire Council, as confirmed in its decision of Cabinet on 12 October 2021, agreed that the Hackleton Neighbourhood Development Plan should proceed to Referendum. That Referendum took place in Hackleton Parish on 2 December 2021 with 91% of those voting doing so in favour of the Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan. Following the publication of those results West Northamptonshire Council ‘made’ the Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan on 03 December 2021. Planning applications in the Hackleton Neighbourhood Area must now be considered against the Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan, as well as existing planning policy. The made Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan, Policies Map and Referendum results and Post Referendum Decision Statement can be viewed below

Hackleton Neighbourhood Development Plan post referendum decision statement

Result of Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan referendum

Information statement and specified documents relevant to the referendum

Basic conditions compliance statement

Hackleton Development Plan 21.10.21 

Hackleton Policies Map

Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan Examination

The Examiners report on the Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan was received on 31 August 2021 and can be viewed below.

View Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan Examination documents

Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Hackleton Parish Council submitted their Neighbourhood Development Plan to South Northamptonshire Council on 18 January 2021. This was deemed to be in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) regulations, as amended and, therefore a six week publicity period on the Plan was undertaken.

The consultation period ran from Wednesday 10 February to 5:00pm Friday 26 March 2021.

The consultation documents along with responses to the consultation can be viewed below. The council is now in the process of appointing an independent examiner to examine the Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan and all documents and responses will be forwarded to them in due course.

Hackleton Neighbourhood Draft Plan

Hackleton Parish Council led an Informal public consultation on their draft Neighbourhood Plan between 6 March and 24 April 2020. Details of the draft plan and supporting documents can be found on the Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan website.

Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan Adoption

We received an application for designation of a Neighbourhood Plan from Hackleton Parish Council in 2017. This included a map showing the proposed area.

This is required by the Neighbourhood Plan Regulations as the first step of the Neighbourhood Plan process.

The Neighbourhood Area was formally designated by Full Council on 18 October 2017.

View Hackleton Neighbourhood Plan documents