Climate change

Action on climate change

We want to know more about the world you want to see in the future and so we would like to invite you to take part in this year's Big Draw. The Big Draw is an annual event, which this year has rebranded itself as the Big Green Draw with the theme 'A Climate of Change'. Contributions will be accepted up until the 15 November so head on over to our Arts and Culture pages now to find out more.

Tackling climate change is the most significant challenge facing the world and we want to make sure that South Northamptonshire is playing its part. If you want to learn more about what we doing, you can read the report that was approved in December by full council and the action plan which was approved in May. You can also read the latest report on greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations.

We have started by looking at the carbon footprint of the district and found that we have a lot of work to do! Finding out your carbon footprint is a great place to start if you want to reduce your emissions and there are several tools online to help you do this, but our favourite is the WWF footprint calculator. If you want to know more about South Northamptonshire’s carbon footprint, see the carbon footprint report.

We also learned that a lot of the emissions we produce are almost impossible to measure as they are directly linked to individual behaviour and/or generated in another district or even, quite often in another country. But this does also mean that everybody has the opportunity to make a difference and if we are going to tackle climate change, we are going to need everybody to get involved and make changes in their lives that will reduce emissions. There are loads of tips on-line about what we can all do, and you can also take part in our Climate Change Challenge

If you want to learn more about climate change then check out the UK Government’s Committee on Climate Change website, or if you want more technical information see the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change.

If you want the absolute basics see climate change - the basics.