Stray or found dog

If you find a stray dog you must under the law:

  • return the dog to its owner;
  • contact us to let us know you have found a stray dog; or
  • take the dog to our acceptance point

If the finder fails to take one of these courses of action, they have committed an offence. This could lead, upon conviction, to a fine.

If you find a dog that you think is a stray there are a number of things you can do.

Make sure that it does not get harmed or cause harm to others.

If the dog is wearing any identification, contact the owner to let them know you have found their dog. Some vets will scan a stray dog to see if it is microchipped. If it is microchipped the vet will try to contact the owner. You could try this as long as you are happy to transport the dog.

If the dog has no identification or you cannot contact the owner contact us straight away. It is likely that there is a worried owner looking for their dog.

If the dog is running loose secure it somewhere, if you can, where it can be collected.

Call 01327 322326 during normal office hours or 0300 126 7000 outside of normal office hours. It must be noted that an officer is not on 24 hour call to attend to a stray dog. Arrangements can be made with the operator for collection of the dog the next working day.