Lost dog

If you lose your dog on a walk, stay where you lost him and keep calling. Do not wander around as you are likely to keep missing each other. Ask any other dog walkers to let you know if they spot your dog.

Once you are sure that your dog is not lurking nearby, notify us and the nearest police station. Your dog may have already been found and kennelled. If your pet is wearing the correct identification you will receive a notice that the dog has been found. This notice will be needed to pay the costs stated. Contact the local vets in case your dog has been injured and taken to them.

If your dog is microchipped contact Pet Log (01296 336 579), to advise them that your dog is missing. Pet Log run the 24/7 central reunification service.

You can make some posters and put them in the area where you lost him. You can also put your dogs details on websites that help find lost dogs such as Doglost (0844 8003220).