Noise app

You may find it convenient to use the Noise App to record the noise disturbance. The noise app is available free of charge on Android and iOS and will allow you to make a short audio recording of the noise disturbance, enter details, add a comment, and the app will forward this to us for analysis. The audio recordings you make with the App, together with the details you record about the nature of the disturbance, make up an electronic noise diary. When creating your account on the app please select South Northamptonshire in the investigator drop down menu.

On their own these short recording are unlikely to be sufficient for us to start formal action but can be very helpful in showing the type and frequency of the noise helping to investigate your complaint quickly.

You will need to provide your contact details so that we can discuss your complaint with you and explain how we will investigate it. Initially your complaint will be treated as confidential. However, you may be needed later as a witness should legal action be taken. If this is the case we will discuss this with you before proceeding.

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