Industrial pollution

Part A1 and A2 activities

Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control aims to make sure that particular industries consider the environment as a whole. This means that emissions to air, water (including discharges to sewer) and land, be considered together. It also means that local authorities must set permit conditions so as to achieve a high level of protection for the environment as a whole. These conditions must be based on the use of the ‘Best Available Techniques', which balances the costs to the operator against the benefits to the environment.

A1 Activities

The Environmental Agency authorises A1 activities, which concern more polluting and complex industries, eg power stations. This includes the Facenda factory at Brackley. Enquiries about A1 activities should be made to the Environment Agency.

A2 Activities

There is currently one A2 process within South Northamptonshire. This is a wood preservation process operated by Linnell Bros Ltd.

Apply for a Part A(2) permit