Contaminated land

Contaminated land law and guidance lets us find and clean up polluted land. There is a clear legal definition of Contaminated Land. We can use legal powers to clean up land where pollution is currently causing unacceptable risks to peoples health or the environment. There are rules about how we do this and who pays for the clean up which are based on making the polluter pay.

We must publish how we inspect land in the District. Our Contaminated Land Strategy was updated in July 2020.

Many land contamination problems are cleaned up through development and planning controls. It’s expected that this will continue. Guidance for developers and their advisors is available.

We do not currently have any entries on our public register for contaminated land.

Environmental information requests/searches

We can provide a summary letter of the information that we hold on land when we receive a request made in accordance with the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR). Requests must be made in writing (letter or email).

Charges are levied on an hourly basis for the cost of searching, retrieving, reviewing, processing and preparing your information request. Our hourly charge is £98, with residential searches typically taking between 1-2 hours and larger industrial commercial premises potentially taking longer to complete, dependent on the amount and complexity of the information requested. VAT is not chargeable on our searches. Under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 we have an an allowance of 20 working days to respond to your request, however we will endeavour to respond with our search findings as soon as we can.

For Environmental Information Requests/searches, please email or call 0300 126 3000, Option 3.