Air quality

Air pollution monitoring

Diffusion tube monitoring for nitrogen dioxide at various locations across the district started in 1997. At present nitrogen dioxide is being monitored at 32 locations where it is considered there may be a problem with either congestion and/or volume of traffic.

The locations of the diffusion tubes are reviewed annually. The diffusion tubes were last relocated in 2012 where either traffic flows had changed, congestion of traffic reported or where there are development proposals.

Diffusion tubes have been removed from residential areas of Grange Park, Blisworth Caravan Park, background areas in Towcester, and two tubes from Hartwell. The tubes have been relocated to areas in Towcester likely to be affected by congested traffic. Air quality information gathered in the district has been used to advise the Highway Agency, Local Planning Authority and Northamptonshire County Council accordingly.

Annual air quality reports

We produce annual reports relating to air quality issues and the progress we are making.