Light pollution

There are various sources of potential light pollution.

  • Domestic security lights
    Inappropriate placed lighting can cause glare and dark shadows which may adversely affect drivers, cyclists and other road users, including pedestrians, and people with a visual impairment. This can usually be solved with better positioning of the light. If you have a problem with a neighbours security lights speak to them first as they may not be aware that it is causing an issue.
  • Commercial security lights
    These are subject to the same controls as apply to domestic premises, i.e. it will be for us to decide whether the lighting amounts to a statutory nuisance.
  • Exterior lighting of buildings and monuments
    Exterior lighting to enhance the appearance of buildings, monuments, trees and other civic features increasingly impacts on the street scene. Such installations can enhance and add interest to the surrounding environment provided they are properly designed. Such lighting systems should not be used also to provide street lighting and should generally be switched off overnight.
  • Street lights
    Street lights are not exempt but are unlikely to qualify due to location. However, street lights can have adverse affects on the local community.Northamptonshire County Council install and maintain the majority of street lights within South Northamptonshire and should be the first port of call if you have a problem with a street light.

With the right evidence we can take action - failure to comply with our notices can mean a fine of up to £5,000.

But before you report it to us:

  • Record the problem with an accurate note of times and dates of nuisance and photographs if you can
  • Speak to the light owner and see if you can reach a compromise

Report light pollution