Noise pollution

Licensed premises and leisure noise

The sources of noise giving rise to complaints from local residents vary considerably, but can include music, singing, public address system, large screen televisions or video displays, plant and machinery, deliveries, car parks and pub gardens

The majority of complaints however, come as a result of music being audible in nearby or adjoining noise sensitive premises.

We can take action as with neighbour noise. However in extreme circumstances we may call for the premises licence to be reviewed.

This could result in

  • opening hours being reduced
  • entertainment being removed from the licence or
  • conditions being imposed to control the breakout of music

Report noise pollution

Environmental Protection are consulted with new premises licence applications, licence variation applications and temporary event notice applications. Many of these applications do not cause concern; however when the applicant applies for music, particularly at night and for live music (where there is little volume control) we must weigh up the risk to local residents. If we decide to object to the application then a hearing is held in front of the licensing sub committee for their decision.

Applicants are encouraged to consider our public nuisance guidance so that as much information is provided at the application stage.