Business Rates reductions and relief

Rural rate relief

The government intends to amend the relevant primary legislation to require local authorities to grant 100% mandatory rural rate relief to take effect from 1 April 2018.However, before the grant mandatory relief comes into force the government expects us to use our local discount powers to grant 100% rural rate relief to eligible ratepayers from 1 April 2017.

The rural rate scheme was introduced to help protect the last retail outlets and similar services in rural settlements with a population of less than 3,000.

A rural settlement is defined as a settlement with a population of no more than 3,000 which is wholly or partly within a council's defined rural settlement area.

Under the scheme the following businesses in designated rural settlements are entitled to 50% mandatory rate relief:

  • the sole village shop or post office with a rateable value of up to £8,500
  • the sole public house or petrol station with a rateable value of up to £12,500

We have a discretionary power to award 100% rural rate relief to eligible business ratepayers.

We will automatically award 100% Rural Rate Relief if your property meets the eligibility criteria and apply it to your bill. We do, however, require you to make a "De Minimis" Declaration in relation to State Aid to confirm the award of the relief.

If you think you should be receiving the following reduction and it is not present on your business rates bill please apply below or email

Apply for rural rate relief