Housing Needs Surveys

We are aware that high house prices and rental costs within the district, especially in the rural areas, can make it difficult for local people to afford suitable housing. How we live is also changing. We are an ageing population and may also need space for homeworking for example. Our homes need to adapt to meet our needs.

We use Housing Needs Surveys to assess the specific housing needs of residents and people with strong connections to an area, such as those working locally. A survey looks at both affordable and open market housing along with the types of homes residents need.

A survey takes the form of a questionnaire sent to every household in a parish. The data from the questionnaire is analysed and a report detailing the results is written. The final report is published on the report page.

A Housing Need Survey allows us to understand the needs of local people and also provides evidence to help us meet those needs. If a survey shows that there is a need for housing, the results can be used to help deliver new homes to meet that need.