Research and intelligence

Other data sources

Increasingly information and data about public services is being published on Government Department Websites. There is a reduced number of nationally defined performance indicators and instead there is accessible data from which performance can be analysed and comparisons made. It is expected that Councils will utilise these national data sources to understand other providers of services and develop improvements. The information is also intended for service planning and other corporate administration and management purposes.

The single list of data that the Government expects Councils to produce and submit is available from the Communities and Local Government Website.

Opening up Government is a site which provides access to a whole range of central and local government data including spending, contracts and spatial data.

Neighbourhood Statistics: This Office for National Statistics website gives detailed statistics for different geographical areas (enter 'South Northamptonshire', place name or postcode).

Census: The 2011 census was carried out by the Office for National Statistics on 27 March 2011.

For further statistics and research on the district and county please visit the Northamptonshire Analysis website.

Central Government websites are useful for information regarding legislative changes and proposals.