Finding private rented accommodation

Renting from a private landlord

Finding a home that you can afford to rent doesn’t have to mean finding a social housing property. There are a number of advantages to renting from a private landlord:

  • There are no waiting lists, so you’ll be able to move in quickly
  • You can choose where you live within our district, and you can move to a different area if you want
  • There are many different types of property available, from one-bedroom studio flats to houses big enough for large families
  • The properties will be decorated and carpeted; and may come with a fridge, freezer and washing machine; this is not always the case with social housing
  • If you’re on a low income, you may be entitled to Housing Benefit which will cover some or all of your rent

The Government, Shelter and Citizens Advice all provide lots of information about the rights and responsibilities of private rented tenants and landlords and tips for finding private rented accommodation.

When you start a new assured or assured shorthold tenancy, your landlord must give you a copy of the How to rent guide, which contains full information about rights and responsibilities.