Harassment and Illegal eviction

Your landlord must not harass you to get you to leave your property. If your landlord harasses you or illegally evicts you, they could be prosecuted. If you feel that this has happened and you need help, email pshousing.snc@westnorthants.gov.uk. or call 0300 126 7000.

You can also get advice on harassment and illegal eviction from Shelter England Advice.

Your rights to staying in your property will depend on the type of tenancy or licence you have. If you’re unsure as to which type of tenancy you have please use the Shelter Tenancy Checker.

Invalid Section 21 notice

If you started a new tenancy or signed a renewal contract from 1 October 2015 a Section 21 notice could be invalid if:

  • Your landlord didn't follow certain tenancy deposit protection rules
  • You complained in writing (or email) to your landlord about repairs or conditions in your home
  • You complained to us because your landlord didn't take steps to fix the problem
  • We sent your landlord a notice telling them to make improvements or that we will carry out emergency work

Find out more about revenge eviction if you ask for repairs to be made.