Temporary accommodation

What is temporary accommodation?

What is temporary accommodation?

If you and your household are eligible for assistance, homeless, with no other options, and we think you have a priority need we may provide you with temporary accommodation.

A household is one person living alone, or a group of people who are living together.

We use a range of places as temporary accommodation. These will normally be self contained homes, such as flats and houses. In an emergency we may use hotel rooms while we find something more suitable. This will usually be within our district but we may occasionally need to use accommodation in other towns. Hotel rooms generally have their own bathrooms, but not kitchen facilities.

We'll take into account as far as we can your needs to be accommodated near work, schools or support networks, but this will depend on what accommodation we have available at the time.

Finding temporary accommodation for yourself

You may prefer to make your own arrangements while we consider your homelessness application.

Being in temporary accommodation doesn't give you more priority for housing than if you were staying with family or friends, so if there is somewhere else that’s suitable for you to stay in the short term you should consider that option. If you do chose to stay with family or friends you will have more choice in your final placement of permanent accommodation.