Building control inspections

Building Control guidance - inspections

We make statutory and routine inspections during the construction stage of the building to check compliance with the building regulations and other allied legislation and guidance.

Before you book an inspection make sure you have the following information ready:

  1. Reference number
  2. Site address
  3. Builder's name, address and telephone (first inspection only).
  4. Work requiring inspection.
  5. Date work will be ready for inspection

Call 01327 322240 and arrangements will be made for a site surveyor to call at the site as soon as possible.

List of Inspections

A large part of the Building Control service is the inspection of your project as the work progresses. Your project will be inspected regularly as the building goes up but it is important that we are called in to inspect the following stages:

A 24 hour notice period is required for the following inspections:

  • Commencement - when your builder starts on site please give us a call. This will give us a chance to get to know your builder, discuss how the project will proceed and agree the stages at which the property should be inspected
  • Excavation of foundations - it is very important that we are called in at this stage as the foundations are fundamental to the success of the project. We will assess the ground and site conditions and ensure that the foundations are suitable for the building proposed
  • Material laid over site
  • Foundation concrete -  if 'strip concrete' foundations are used we will check that the concrete has been properly placed and is of sufficient thickness. This visit is not necessary if 'trenchfill concrete' or 'piled foundations' are used
  • Damp-proof course - when the builder is ready to start building the walls we will inspect the work to ensure that a suitable damp proof course has been installed
  • Casting of concrete oversite - when your builder is ready to concrete your floor slab we will visit to check that the ground has been properly prepared, that there is adequate floor insulation in place and that a suitable damp proof membrane has been provided
  • Drainage - before any new drains are covered up we should be called in so that we can ensure they have been correctly installed and connected up
  • Drainage testing - on major projects we will ask to carry out an air test on the new drainage system to ensure there are no leaks
  • Pre-plaster, floor structures, roof structures and beams - we will try to inspect suspended floor structures, roofs, structural beams, sanitary drainage and electrical work before they are covered up to ensure they are suitably sized and have been correctly installed
  • Occupation - if you wish to occupy part of your project before it is complete we will inspect that area of the project to ensure that it complies with the Building Regulations and that it is safe for you to move in
  • Completion - our final inspection here we will inspect the work to ensure that it has been finished off in compliance with the Building Regulations. Once your project has been satisfactorily completed we will issue you with a completion certificate; you may need this if you wish to sell your house

Not all of these inspections will be relevant to every project but please ensure that your builder calls us out at the relevant stages as if inspections have been missed this can cause problems with the issuing of your completion certificate.

Contact us on 01327 322240 for technical advice - Monday to Friday, 8:45am to 5:15pm