Trees with a tree preservation order (TPO)

Where we consider that a tree or group of trees should be protected we may impose a tree preservation order (TPO).

Consent is required from us before any work, including pruning or felling, is carried out on any tree which is covered by an order. Apply by submitting a Tree Works Consent Form, you can apply online via the Planning Portal.

Consent to fell trees protected by an order will only normally be given where there are sound arboricultural or environmental reasons to do so. If you are unsure please read the latest position on protected trees. In granting permission, the Council may require replanting with a suitable species.

We will provide advice and make recommendations in order to maintain the health and stability of the tree(s). A decision will be made within 6-8 weeks from when we receive your application.

For further information on Trees and Tree Preservation Orders see:

To see which trees have a preservation order on them visit Maps Online, expand the Constraints heading in the left hand column, select the option(s) you wish to view on the map and then zoom in to the area you are looking for.

Unauthorised work on a tree with a TPO can result in prosecution with fines up to £20,000 per tree and a criminal record.

Apply for consent to work on a tree with a TPO

You can also apply via the Planning Portal.