Emergency tree works

There are exceptions relating to some works required on trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and trees in a Conservation Area.

If you wish to carry out emergency tree work in respect to a tree(s) that is dead or for works that are considered to be urgently necessary to remove an immediate risk of serious harm, you must notify us in writing, (5 Day Notice). Notice can be given, either by email to or by letter to:

Planning Enforcement and Trees
South Northamptonshire Council
The Forum
NN12 6AD

Please provide a written statement from an arboriculturist or tree surgeon stating/explaining the possible circumstances around the tree’s death and how/why the tree is going to cause immediate serious harm, and what works are proposed. Also, include a description of the trees location or mark its position on a plan.

If you intend to carry out tree works considered to be covered by any exception, you are strongly advised to retain evidence, for example: material from the tree; photographs; a tree surgeon’s report; an independent witness statement. We may require you to prove that the tree works were exempt at a later date.