What can I do about my neighbour’s trees

Before any work is carried out on a tree you will need to check with us to find out whether the tree has a tree preservation order (TPO) on it or if it is in a conservation area.

If it has none of the above restrictions, you may cut back any branches and roots encroaching onto your land, provided you don’t remove so much as to prejudice the health and safety of the tree.

You don’t need permission from the tree owner to do this, but anything you remove belongs to them. You must either pass the cuttings over the fence, without causing damage to their property in doing so, or you can offer to dispose of them on their behalf.

Unless you have the tree owner’s consent, you must not remove any part of the tree on their side of the boundary, including reducing the height. Unless you have permission to enter the neighbour’s land to carry out the work, you must undertake it from your side of the boundary.

You are responsible for bearing the full cost of the work, not the tree owner. However, it may be useful to discuss the matter with the owner to try to negotiate cost sharing and a permanent solution.

We recommend exercising reasonable care and taking advice from an expert if you are concerned.