Hedgerows and high hedges

Complain about a neighbour's hedge

You may be able to complain about a neighbours (high) hedge under Part 8 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003

If you’ve taken the steps listed in Over the garden hedge and can answer ‘yes’ to all the points listed below, we are likely to be able to consider your complaint.

Is the hedge (or the part of it that’s causing problems) a ‘high hedge’? Is the hedge:

  • growing on land owned or occupied by someone else?
  • made up of a line of 2 or more trees or shrubs?
  • mostly evergreen or semi-evergreen?
  • more than 2 metres tall?
  • a barrier to light or access (even if there are gaps)?

Does this hedge’s height harm the reasonable enjoyment of a home you own or occupy and/or its garden or yard?

Are you the owner or occupier of this domestic property?

Make a high hedge complaint

Fees of £450 apply when you submit the complaint form to us, and it is non-recoverable after 14 days of registration.

For further information on complaints regarding high hedges, please see: