CIL relief and exemptions

Charitable relief

Some types of charitable development are entitled to relief from CIL but this is not automatic and must be applied for.

A charitable institution which owns a material interest in the land (a charity landowner) will get full relief from their share of the liability where the chargeable development will be used 'wholly, or mainly, for charitable purposes’.

They must also meet the following requirements under Regulation 43 of the CIL Regulations 2011:

  • registered charities: charities which are registered with the Charity Commission
  • exempt charities: charities which cannot register under the Charities Act 2011 and are not subject to the Charity Commission's supervisory powers. They are listed in Schedule 3 of the 2011 Charities Act and include some educational institutions, and most universities and national museums
  • excepted charities: charities excepted from the need to register but which are still supervised by the Charity Commission
  • other bodies: where they are established for charitable purposes

Claim charitable relief


You have the right to appeal against a grant of relief. Further information can be found through the appeals guidance.