CIL relief and exemptions

Social housing relief

Social housing relief is not applied automatically. A claim must be submitted to us before commencement of the chargeable development.

To qualify for social housing relief, the claimant must own a material interest in the relevant land (the area granted planning permission) as defined in Regulation 4(2) and have assumed liability to pay the levy for the whole chargeable development.

Accompanying information should also provide the gross internal area of the social housing dwellings, and a calculation of the amount of social housing relief being claimed for.

Which dwellings qualify for relief?

Dwellings must be let by a registered provider, local housing authority or non-registered provider of social/affordable housing, and be occupied in accordance with shared ownership arrangements.

Applying for relief

Do not begin work until you have submitted your application for relief and received a decision. If you start any work before this, including digging foundations, your application for relief will be refused.

Form 10: Charitable and/or/Social Housing relief claim

Form 12: Further Charitable and/or Social Housing relief claim

Where insufficient information is provided, we can issue an Information Notice to formally request full information. There may be consequences if you then fail to comply with the Information Notice.

If we receive a withdrawal of assumption of liability or a transfer of assumed liability form after relief has been granted but before development is commenced, your relief will be withdrawn. However, the new person/group to assume liability can apply for relief.

If you fail to submit a Commencement Notice before starting any work for consents issued before 1 September 2019, we will charge the full amount for CIL. We can also impose surcharges, in addition to the full CIL charge. For those consents issued after 1 September 2019 only the surcharge will be applied.

If the development is sold we must be notified.


You have the right to appeal against a grant of relief. For more information see Appeals.