Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) process

CIL involves a number of stages which are legal processes that must be complied with.

If not complied with, for example, if you fail to submit forms at required times, this could result in penalties such as surcharges (up to £2,500) and the loss of any rights to claim Instalments or reliefs/exemptions.

Acknowledgement letters will be issued for all CIL forms received; it is in the liable person's interest to ensure all relevant acknowledgements are received before starting any work. In order to ensure a speedy response, please supply an email address.

The process below will apply in the majority of cases; however, there may be circumstances where the process differs, such as liability for Permitted Development.

Permitted development

Most chargeable developments will require planning permission however there may be cases where a development does not need planning permission but is still liable for the CIL. In these cases the landowner must notify the Council of their development by submitting a (Form 5) Notice of Chargeable Development.