Find a planning decision

All planning decisions from 1974 to present day are available digitally and can be viewed online. You can download them for free if it appears on the planning applications register:

  • Click ‘View/comment on a planning application’ (below) to go to the planning register, scroll down to the 'Choosing Applications to View’ section and click ‘Continue’.
  • Enter the application number in the ‘Application’ box and/or the address (or part of) in the ‘Location/Street Name’ box and click ‘Search’ . You can search simply on proposal, parish, etc. but this will give you a wider range of results.
  • Click on the underlined ‘Application Number’ of the relevant application to take you to the application.
  • To view the decision, click the ‘Decision’ tab.
  • To view the decision notice, click the ‘Documents’ tab and then the underlined ‘Decision Notice’.
  • The underlined ‘Committee Report’ or ‘Officer Report’ in the ‘Documents’ tab will (where available) give details on how the decision was reached.

View or comment on a planning application

If you are having problems finding a decision notice, use the online mapping service to see the planning history of the site.

If you discover a record where the planning decision notice is not available email or call 01327 322237 to let us know. The decision notice will be made available where possible.

Who makes planning decisions?

Decisions on the majority of smaller planning applications are made by our Planning Officers under delegated powers. Other applications are generally decided by the Planning Committee.

Planning history

If you require details of a planning decision (or any other site information) predating 1974, please see how to find the planning decision of a site pre-1974.