Pre-application planning advice service

Before applying for pre-application advice, you should check to see if you need planning permission for your proposed development. The formal pre-application advice service can provide site specific advice on proposals that require planning permission but cannot confirm whether planning permission is required.

If planning permission is required for your proposed development, our pre-application advice service will give you a steer on whether you are likely to be successful with your planning application before it is submitted.

If we believe your application is unlikely to be successful, we can offer advice on how issues with the application can be overcome. This can save you time and money by enabling potential issues to be identified and resolved before the application is submitted.

If you do decide to submit a planning application we also offer a pre-validation checking service to make sure that your submission contains all the correct information to enable it to be processed see here


While the pre-application enquiry is being considered, all details will be kept confidential from the general public and Town/Parish Councils unless authorised by you or where we are required to release details by law. 

However, if a planning application is submitted in respect of a scheme related to the pre-application enquiry, then details of the pre-application will no longer be confidential. This is because the information contained in that pre-application enquiry becomes public as part of the public consultation process when determining the planning application.

Role of Councillors

District Councillors will receive notification of your pre-application enquiry and be able to participate in the process.

District Councillors who are also members of the Planning Committee will be subject to certain rules guiding their involvement in pre-application enquiries. This is to make sure that they are not prevented from being able to vote on any subsequent formal application at Planning Committee.


Pre-application advice cannot guarantee that a planning application will be approved, as the planning officer will not be able to consider any comments or responses that may be made once an application has been submitted.

We will give you the best advice possible based on the information provided and our advice should assist in ensuring that all the necessary information is provided with a subsequent planning application.

We accept no legal liability in contract or in tort for the accuracy and/or quality of the advice given.