Planning committee

Can I speak at the Planning Committee?

If you are a planning applicant (or their agent), an objector or a speaker for a Parish or Town Council, you can ask to speak at Planning Committee meetings.

Only one objector is allowed to speak. If a number of people wish to speak against the same application, they will be asked to choose a spokesperson to represent them all, failing which the first person to register will have the sole right to speak.

Only one representative on behalf of a Parish/Town Council and/or any recognised Amenity Society formally consulted by us will have the right to speak.

Each speaker will be permitted to address the meeting for up to three minutes, after which they will be asked to stop. If there are several applications on the same site the applicant and any objector or representative will be permitted to speak for up to four minutes in total. These limits may be extended at the Chairman’s discretion in exceptional circumstances.

Normally you will put your own case and it should not be necessary to ask a legal advisor or other expert to speak for you. Statements of a personal or slanderous nature could result in legal action against you.