Planning committee

Decisions on the majority of smaller planning applications are made by officers under what is called ‘delegated powers’; other applications are generally decided by the planning committee.

You can find out which applications are generally decided by the committee and which are generally decided by officers in the Scheme of Delegation, as laid out in the Constitution of 24 March 2015 (pt. 10, p.25).

When does the planning committee meet?

Councillors on the planning committee meet every four weeks and always on a Thursday; there are 14 Members.

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Can I speak at the committee?

If you are a planning applicant, an objector or a speaker for a parish or town council, you could ask to speak at planning committee meetings.

You should not feel obliged to address the committee but, if you wish to do so, you must contact committee admin on 01295 221534 by 12 noon, two days before the committee meeting is due, in order to register your intention to speak.

Letters of support or objection are also welcomed and will be taken into account.

For more information see public speaking at the planning committee.