Publicising planning applications

Site Notices

Applications requiring site notices

Site notices will be placed on, or near, all planning applications that fall within the following criteria:

  • accompanied by an Environmental Statement
  • that are not in accordance with the development plan
  • affecting a public right of way
  • comprising major development (which includes applications for 10 dwellings or more)
  • for development that affects the setting of a listed building
  • for development that affects the character or appearance of a conservation area
  • for Listed Building Consent involving any external works

Posting a site notice

Site notices will be posted as soon as possible on receipt of a valid application. 

Ideally, site notices will be posted on the application site itself and in a position where they can be read without going on private land. Where this is not possible, they will be posted as close as possible to the application site, always in publicly accessible locations.

A single notice will be posted for the majority of applications, but two or more may occasionally be posted for very large sites or applications.

The site notice should be in place for no less than 21 days.

What happens if a site notice is removed?

If we are made aware that a site notice has been removed within the 21 days, it will be replaced by a new site notice as soon as possible. The new site notice will carry the same date as the original and the time period for any responses will remain as originally posted.

We will only replace a site notices once if it is removed, defaced or obscured without any fault or intention on our part.

How long do I have to comment once a site notice has been posted?

The site notice will include the date by which you have to submit your comments on the application. The date will be 21 days from the date on the notice.

Representations received after the 21-day period do not have to be taken into account, but if a decision has not yet been made such comments will be taken into account wherever possible.