Negotiating submitted applications

Over 80 per cent of all planning applications received by us are granted permission, but a significant number of these will involve some form of negotiation.

Negotiations during the course of an application are an important part of the planning process. They enable schemes to be amended and improved to:

  • meet the needs of technical consultees
  • meet the wishes of neighbours, Town/Parish Councils and Councillors
  • comply with the requirements of our policies
  • allow for a pragmatic response to the needs of developers

However, the facility to make amendments is not an alternative to a properly thought through and prepared application. Our preference is for negotiation to take place before you submit your application as this speeds up the process. This is reinforced by Government policy and guidance.

We therefore welcome and encourage discussions before you submit an application via our pre-application advice service. Pre-application advice will generally give more certainty at an earlier stage and help resolve issues so that speedier decisions can be made.