Ownership and boundary queries


You can find information about a property, even if you do not own it, on the HM Land Registry. You can search an address to find the owner, how far its general boundaries extend and whether it is at risk of flooding.

There is a charge of £3 for each copy of a title summary, title register and title plan. It costs £10.80 for each copy of a flood risk indicator.

Please contact the Leicester Office on 0300 006 0411 if you have any queries.


There is usually no record of the exact boundary or who owns the hedge, wall, tree or fence between two properties. However, you can get an idea of where the boundaries for your property are by looking at its title plan.

For more information, see the property boundaries page on the HM Land Registry website or contact the Leicester Office on 0300 006 0411.

Please note: Ownership and boundary queries are not a planning matter. If the deeds to the property or Land Registry are unable to help, you will need to consult a solicitor.