How to find the planning history of a site (pre-1974)

Historically the South Northamptonshire District was split into four areas:

  • Towcester Rural
  • Brackley Rural
  • Northampton Rural
  • Northampton Borough

A historic planning search can be performed on properties all over the district (with the potential to find planning applications going back to 1948).

Search for pre-1974 planning history

Please note: You will need to turn off any pop-up blockers your browser is using as certain bits of information pop up as separate boxes on screen and any maps then open as separate files (PDF).

You can find the historical planning history of a property or piece of land by clicking the above link and then following the instructions below:

  • Use the search bar at the top of the page to type in an address (ie “15 Station Road Cogenhoe”) and the map will zoom in to that property.
  • Alternatively, click and drag the map to locate the property/piece of land, and use the scroll wheel on your mouse (or the “+” and “‐” signs on the left-hand side of the page) to zoom in/out.
  • Once you have found the relevant property/land, click on it once and a box will appear.
  • You can click the arrow(s) at the top of the box to scroll through the available PDF maps (if you click ‘Zoom to’ a blue outline will be drawn on the screen showing the area the map covers).
  • If you open a map you can inspect the scanned sheets for any reference or planning application numbers that may apply to that property.
  • If you find any such numbers you can then contact us on and we will look for the planning application file for you. If found, this can be emailed to you as a PDF.