Do I need planning permission?

What is permitted development?

Certain types of work can be carried out without planning permission, as long as the works comply with certain rules and restrictions. This is known as permitted development.

To determine whether planning permission is required for your development, we recommend that you first visit the Planning Portal, where further information (including a very useful ‘interactive house’) can be found. This sets out what can be done under ‘national’ permitted development rights

In addition, please also look at ‘local’ permitted development rights, which allows large householder extensions than that granted under the national permitted development rights. See Local Development Order for more information./

You may then be able to assess for yourself whether or not you need planning permission, although please bear in mind that this will have no formal status in law and cannot be relied upon at a later stage.

Please note: The rules and regulations governing planning permission are lengthy and quite complex and the need for planning permission can be affected by a number of issues such as:

  • whether the property is in a conservation area
  • whether the property is a listed building
  • what works you are intending to do
  • what other developments have taken place (the ‘planning history’)
  • whether or not your property has ‘permitted development rights’

Removal of ‘permitted development’ rights

There are some cases where the permitted development rules and regulations do not apply and where all development needs planning permission.

Examples of this include some new housing developments or houses within ‘sensitive’ areas (such as conservation areas). In these cases, a condition is imposed upon the development when planning permission is originally granted, specifically removing the permitted development rights.

Some areas are covered by an Article 4 Direction, which also removes certain permitted development rights.

If either of these apply, it means that you have to submit a planning application for work which would not normally need one.

You are advised to search our planning register and mapping information to establish whether your property is affected by such a condition or other direction.

In the event that you are not sure, or you would like us to do this on your behalf, you can make an application for a Lawful Development Certificate.

Important Note: We cannot give you an informal answer as to whether or not planning permission is needed for your specific proposal either on the phone, by letter or in reception.