Do I need planning permission?

Most development will require planning permission. You are strongly advised not to commence any work until one of the following occurs:

Should you start work in advance of any of these (or if despite having satisfied yourself that planning permission is not needed it transpires that it is needed) it is at your own risk and we may take enforcement action against you.

Even if planning permission is not required, you may still require Building Regulation Consent and/or Listed Building Consent, and you may still be liable to pay the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) (if the development is for a new dwelling or a residential or retail extension over 100 sqm in gross internal floor area).

If you require further information on your property/site, you can search maps online by entering your postcode and ticking the constraints box. If your property pre-dates 1974, you may need to do a historic planning search.

It is also worth checking your property deeds or transfer of title as there may be restrictive covenants in place which will restrict what you are able to do regardless of planning legislation.