View or comment on a planning application

How can I view a planning application?

Before you begin you will need to know either the planning application number or address of the development. This information can usually be found on press notices, neighbour notification letters or site notices erected at the development site.

You can also view details of historic planning applications (since 1974), property history (since 1974) and planning appeals.

To view an application:

  • Click ‘View/comment on a planning application, scroll down to the 'Choosing Applications to View’ section and click ‘Continue’.
  • Enter the application number in the ‘Application’ box and/or the address (or part of) in the ‘Location/Street Name’ box and click ‘Search’ You can search simply on proposal, parish, etc. but this will give you a wider range of results.
  • Click on the underlined ‘Application Number’ of the relevant application to take you to the application.

View/comment on a planning application

You may also inspect the application, the plans and other documents submitted with it on our self-service computers at any time between 9:00am and 5:15pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note: We only hold hard copies of plans at our office in The Forum, Towcester. All other planning documents can only be viewed electronically. Please make a prior appointment if you require a member of staff to assist you with general information regarding the application.

Details of enforcement notices that have been served since 2011 can be found on the Enforcement Register.