Land charges and searches

When you buy a house or land your solicitor will usually go through a number of checks to make sure there are no problems that would restrict use or could result in a charge being directed at you as the owner of the property.

As part of one of those checks it is usual to have a local land charges search undertaken. This is usually organised by your solicitor on your behalf, but can also be carried out yourself as a "personal search".

Depending on what questions have been asked, the local land charges search will, among other things, identify:

  • the planning history of the site and any queries arising over its use
  • any planning policies which affect the site
  • any developments directly affecting the site
  • environmental issues affecting the site (eg flood plains and radon gas areas)

How to submit requests

Payment methods

  • Cheque payable to South Northamptonshire Council
  • Pay by Debit or Credit Card over the phone

Search requirements

  • LLC1 and CON29 2007 forms x2: The Law Society holds the copyright to form CON29, which can be obtained from most publishers eg Laser Form, Oyez, Shaw & Son in electronic or paper format
  • 2 copies of an up-to-date Land Registry plan

Turnaround time will be between 5-10 working days.

Fees 2019/20

CON29R and LLC1 £130 (Including VAT on CON29R element)
CON29R excluding LLC1 £87.50 plus VAT (£105)
Additional parcel CON29 £18.80 [£16.80 (CON29 inc.vat) +£2 ( LLC1)]
Additional parcel fee LLC1 £2
LLC1 Only (search of the register) £25
CON29O [(Optional enquiries) excluding Question 4&22)] £10 each plus VAT
CON29O Question 22 £10.87 plus VAT
CON29O Question 4 £4.30 plus VAT
PART 3 Own worded enquiries £30 plus VAT
Personal Search  £0
COPY Planning consents see planning register
Section 38 agreements (ref:H)  email or Tel. 01604 367988
Section 106 agreements(DV £20.42 unless scanned copy available in which case no charge-most agreements from 2014 are free on website under planning portal.

Request copy documents

Personal searches

Personal search is a search of the public registers by a search company or an individual - this is restricted to a search of the register only and does not include CON29 information.

If you have any questions please call us on 01327 322048 or 01327 322116.